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Parenting by Connection

You're discouraged with the current parenting help available. They make it sound so easy! They don't talk about what to do when your child is flipping out on you!


You're starting to wonder if your child's emotions and behaviors are normal. No one else is talking about these struggles.


You feel stuck when your child won't listen to you. You want to set limits without yelling, but you get driven to the brink too often.


Everything seems fine one moment, then the next thing you know your child is crying, tantruming, or screaming over the littlest upset.


You've been power struggling with your child over the same issue for months. You've tried everything and are reaching the end of your rope.

You're starting to wonder "who's in charge here?"

You want to enjoy parenting but your child's instance that things be "just so" is driving you crazy!


You're already worried about the teen years and your child isn't even close to them yet.


You want to avoid punishments and rewards, but really, you're at a loss for what to do instead.

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